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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation includes disputes that are formally submitted to the court, about a subject in which one party is alleged to have committed some wrongdoing, but that wrongdoing is not considered a crime.

Civil litigation can take many forms. It just depends on the type of case at hand. Generally, civil litigation is the legal process in which individuals and corporations alike file a lawsuit against another private or even public entity. The remedies sought are usually monetary damages, but can also include declaratory relief, and equitable remedies as well.

A typical civil suit begins with the filing of a formal complaint in court; the other party gets specified notice of that complaint and is given an opportunity to answer or respond. After a response is filed by the party who is sued, a discovery process commences. This discovery process can be very complicated and lengthy. It may involve depositions, interrogatories, request for documents, amongst other discovery items. Finally, if a case is not resolved through settlement through arbitration, mediation, or other legal measures, the lawsuit may go to trial and may even be subject to appeal.

Civil litigation matters are often times very complex and require the skill of an experienced, aggressive attorney.

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