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Remedies & Options

Skilled Representation Expands Your Options

  • If you have been ’convicted’ of a crime, a common misconception is that the punishment will be incarceration in one of the violent and unsanitary facilities that are the subject of many recent and popular TV reality shows. In fact, there are many options available to the person convicted, all of which should preferably be discussed with an experienced criminal defense attorney prior to admitting guilt or proceeding to jury trial. However, if you have already been convicted it is not too late!
  • Private or City Jails may be a valid and convenient option to the more intimidating County Jails. In many cases, House Arrest or Electronic Monitoring may be an alternative for which you qualify.
  • In Addition, if convicted in ‘Court’ for DUI you may still be able to retain your full driving privilege if successfully represented by competent counsel at a DMV Administrative Hearing. Even if you’ve already been ‘convicted’ of a certain crime, at some later date, you may be able to salvage your reputation and status at work by ‘Expunging’ the offense and having your record reflect that the case was dismissed in the interests of justice.
  • A sample of the ‘Remedies & Options’ that may be available to you are listed in this menu. Keep in mind, you will never be charged a fee for discussing with us whether or not these options are available to you.

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