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House Arrest & Electronic Monitoring

Electronic Monitoring Services

In lieu of incarceration, judges have the discretion to impose electronic monitoring as part of a probationary sentence. Electronic monitoring is commonly referred to as “House Arrest.” Other than specifically enumerated offenses, any defendant sentenced to a period of time in a county or local jail is eligible for this relief. However, Electronic Monitoring is never imposed as a substitute for custodial time in state prison.

As part of the spectrum of services offered by electronic monitoring offices, customers are offered an array of services to meet varied offender supervision and monitoring needs. Services can usually be personalized to meet the exact needs of any sentencing authority. In other words, the office installing the electronic device usually has the ability to offer the sentencing court a progression in supervision levels specifically tailored to a particular defendant’s needs. Our provider of choice, Sentinel Offender Services, with offices in Irvine, California, has provided services for more than 200,000 monitored cases and in excess of 300,000 misdemeanor probation cases.


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Radio Frequency Electronic Monitoring

Sentinel’s DualTrak electronic monitoring equipment provides industry leading advantages including the only multi-frequency transmitting system and its revolutionary “no tools required” transmitter design, which allows an officer to easily install a transmitter in seconds, minimizing the defendant’s inconvenience.

Home Monitoring Unit (HMU)

If ordered to serve a term of ‘Home Confinement’, the defendant’s and the sentencing authority’s needs can be serviced by utilizing the Home Monitoring Unit (HMU). This device verifies the defendant’s compliance while in the residence and can be adjusted to accommodate varying residence sizes to allow participants unrestricted movement while at home. Both DualTrak and HMU have been successfully utilized to monitor offenders.

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Full-Service Case Management

This is an industry first, where we developed a full service program for our case workers to handle all program daily duties – from equipment installation to report processing (with daily reports to agency/correctional personnel for non-compliance processing). These programs operate at no to the agency as all fees are paid for by the program participants through our sliding scale method. We have saved agencies tens of millions of dollars in jail cost and monitoring fee avoidance by offering this method.

Agency-Funded or Offender-Funded Options

Electronic Monitoring services are funded through various methods on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the jurisdiction, Electronic Monitoring services may bill the sentencing authority or other responsible government agency directly for all services provided to the offenders. To encourage sentencing authorities to be more lenient in the approach to utilizing electronic monitoring, some offices are authorized to use an offender-funded model where a sliding scale is reviewed to determine a participant’s ability to pay for the service. This flexibility ensures all offenders referred to the program an opportunity to participate in the alternative sentencing option.

John J. Stanley & Associates uses Sentinel Offender Services exclusively for its electronic monitoring placements. Sentinels full range of services can be seen on their website at http://www.sentrak.com/contact_us/

If you have any additional questions, or wish to make an appointment to determine your eligibility, please contact John J. Stanley & Associates for your free consultation.

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