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S.C.R.A.M. (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor) - Court Approval Required.
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General Program Information

SCRAM is a court ordered alternative to incarceration in alcohol related offenses. While participating in a SCRAM program, you are required to follow all instructions given to you by your assigned case worker. For successful completion of the SCRAM program the participant is typically required to follow the guidelines below:
  • Be within 30 feet of the base station daily at the agreed-upon time to download your test data.
  • Consume no alcohol – NONE.
  • Do not tamper with, obstruct, or damage SCRAM equipment.

Banned Products

  • Do not expose the area around the bracelet to personal, household, or industrial products that contain alcohol.
  • Do not use or possess any product containing alcohol, including (but not limited) to: mouthwash, medicinal alcohol, household cleaners and disinfectants, lotions, body washes, perfumes, colognes, or other alcohol-based hygiene products.
  • Do not use anything other than soap and water on your skin around the bracelet.

Swimming and Bathing

  • Do not submerge the SCRAM bracelet in water.
  • Showers are the only permitted bathing method.
  • If you submerge the SCRAM bracelet in water, it will be flagged as an ‘attempt to defeat’ the device and will be handled in the same manner as a tamper or obstruction. You will also be financially liable for any damages caused by submerging or damaging the SCRAMx bracelet.
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Personal Hygiene

  • When showering, thoroughly clean the area around the bracelet with mild soap and water
  • Thoroughly rinse with clean water and dry underneath the bracelet
  • Lack of personal hygiene around the bracelet may result in a mild skin rash

Court-Approved Travel

Travel must be approved by the court, and you must notify your supervising case worker at the issuing authority for any appropriate arrangements.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Notify your assigned case worker of any pre-existing medical conditions such as pregnancy, diabetes, or any type of skin disorder or condition.


SCRAM programs are flexible, diverse, and can have a variety of pricing models.

What is SCRAMx?

While SCRAM has made great strides in the courts, there is also the need to ensure that some offenders are confined to their homes during certain hours of the day. In response, the evolution of SCRAM to SCRAMx was developed combining Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (CAM) with home confinement. With both technologies integrated into one device, the participant avoids the need to strap multiple devices which is both operationally and administratively difficult and an increased hardship on the person being monitored.

The types of offenders who are likely candidates for both CAM and house arrest are:

  • Those being monitored for alcohol who have confirmed drinking or tamper events and need an additional level of sanctioning to ensure compliance
  • Those who were incarcerated for an alcohol-related crime, are re-entering the community, and need closer supervision
  • Those with aggravated circumstances surrounding their alcohol-related crime (such as a high BAC)
  • Those who the judge, sheriff, or other authority consider high risk and want to ensure additional protection for the public

The SCRAMx system:

SCRAMx is the next generation of SCRAM that will elevate your alcohol offender management program to a whole new level. By integrating continuous alcohol monitoring (CAM) with house arrest in one device, SCRAMx lets you:

  • Go broader in having additional options with which to manage your offenders
  • Turn on CAM by itself or combine it with house arrest as needed −depending on the offense, situation, or behavior while on the program
  • Go deeper with how much information you’re able to compile on offender drinking patterns and whereabouts, which further heightens accountability
  • Eliminate the need to place offenders on two separate devices
  • Saves considerable time and resources

When most people think about SCRAMx, what likely comes to mind is the ankle bracelet that offenders wear to be monitored for alcohol consumption and house arrest. However, there are actually three components to the SCRAMx system:

Offender Perspectives

Every individual who wears a SCRAMx bracelet has a unique, personal story. But after SCRAMx becomes a part of so many diverse lives, the outcomes share these common themes.


While SCRAMx helps protect public safety, offenders also feel more secure while on the device, often referring to the experience as “life-saving”.

“This product [SCRAMx] saved my life. If it were not for this program I would have lost my license, my job, my home, and my company car. I hope that programs like SCRAMx continue to grow nationally so that others may benefit as I have. Most importantly it has reinforced my commitment to never operate a vehicle with alcohol in my system, and I have not had a drink in over a year.”

SCRAMx Program Participant and Salesperson

Continuous Accountability

As a constant reminder to not drink, participants frequently think of SCRAMx as a personal coach and credit their bracelets for keeping them “on the straight and narrow.”

“During the six months that I was monitored by SCRAMx, I knew that there was no way around it. If I drank, it would be detected and my probation violated. In the past, I was able to get around other systems and breathalyzers without much of a problem. SCRAMx was really helpful to me in the long run because I’m not drinking, and I probably would be otherwise.”

SCRAMx Program Participant

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When SCRAMx participants begin to see life clearly for what it can be – rather than the blur it used to be – they get “high” on a renewed sense of responsibility and self-worth.

“Drinking only made my problems worse. SCRAMx plus meetings and counseling have strengthened me mentally to cope without a drink. My counselor said if all her clients had to wear SCRAMx, there would be fewer relapses and it would give clients more time to clear their minds. For me, I now have no desire to drink and have become a stronger and more positive person.”

SCRAMx Program Participant


At first, many participants think they will “lose everything – friends, family, all of it” because they must wear SCRAMx. But once they near finish line, they start celebrating real gains rather than fearing imagined losses.

“My first thought in the morning was about drinking, and I planned my whole day around booze… The SCRAMx bracelet took the obsession out of it. It controls what you cannot control yourself. I just got a job, my kids don’t see me passed out, my house is cleaner, and we have more money. SCRAMx forced me to do what I should have been doing all along, and I am actually proud of myself. I have not thought of it as a punishment, but as my savior.”

SCRAMx Program Participant

Financial Responsibility

There are fees associated with becoming a participant in the program. However, by paying their SCRAMx program fees, clients literally invest in their own success which, for many, changes their outlook about how they manage their money.

“I think the SCRAMx device is the best alternative to locking someone up . . . I don’t have a lot of income because of my health, but if I can come up with the money to drink, I can come up with the money for SCRAM services. If I can come up with the money for the monthly SCRAMx fees, anyone can!”

SCRAMx Program Participant and Former Company President

Better Relationships

SCRAMx enables participants to “see life from the other side of the fence” and envision themselves in better contexts. In turn, it lets the people in their lives embrace the positive changes these individuals begin to make.

“Our son experienced many serious consequences from alcohol abuse. After 42 days of in-patient intensive care, he started drinking again and got into more physical and legal trouble, which led to SCRAMx . . . [Now] three months later he is clean and sober, in his best physical shape ever, has lost his anger; and realizes the waste of time, money, energy, and friendships that alcohol caused. He smiles ALL the time! As parents, it is finally nice to know that he is safe, alcohol- free, and happy.”

A New Outlook

Even those participants who struggle with the restrictions of SCRAMx tend to conclude that the program offers some undeniable upsides.

If you have any additional questions, or wish to make an appointment for a free consultation to determine your eligibility, please contact John J. Stanley & Associates for your free consultation.

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