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Client Testimonials

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Mary K., Moorpark, CA


“John represented our son in criminal proceedings that involved drug offenses and violations of probation after he had been represented by the Public Defender. The difference in the quality of the representation was striking. John was knowledgeable and was available in advance to answer all of our questions. He kept our daughter-in-law at ease, even when the choices available were not optimal. While no one can change what was done, John worked hard to obtain a forward-looking result in the matter despite significant obstacles created by prior counsel and the rigid bench in our county. We have and will continue to recommend John to others and would be happy to discuss our experiences.”


Colin V., Westlake Village, CA


“My experiences with John Stanley and his practice have exceeded my expectations in every aspect. John has gone out of his way to make sure I had experienced, talented and articulate representation from the very first day. I would not hesitate to retain the services of his firm again.”


Dora V., Northridge, CA


“When my brother needed an attorney, we wanted the best of the best for him. So, we interviewed several attorney’s including John Stanley. John’s knowledge, professionalism & compassionate way helped us decide he was the best choice! We hired John Stanley and have no regrets. John went above and beyond our expectations delivering exceptional legal representation that obtained the best outcome. John Stanley is our #1 referral source to anyone that needs legal assistance. You get the best legal representation and his staff is excellent!”


Jeanette S., West Hills, CA


“What an amazing Law Firm. From our first meeting to explain what to expect, I felt like I had someone to help with an unexpected legal issue. Each and every step of the way John Stanley represented my Son like he was his own. He was at each and every court appearance ,and would call to explain before hand what to expect. His office was VERY quick to respond to any questions we had. I would recommend John Stanley to anyone who is facing a legal problem.”


Roberto R., North Hollywood, CA


“John Stanley is a charismatic experienced lawyer who handled my case with such confidence and finesse that gave me piece of mind and assurance that I had made the right choice to hire him as my lawyer.”


Habashi H., Burbank, CA


“My son was arrested and was being represented by a Public Defender after his arrest. While in court Mr. Stanley walked into the court room. The way Mr. Stanley conducted himself in the court room, his confidence, his knowledge of the law, gave me the feeling that this is the man to represent my son in the courts. I retained Mr. Stanley that day and all the fears and insecurities that I had over my sons court proceedings where washed away because I felt that I had one of the best on our team. Mr. Stanley always answers his phones, he always explains in depth what is going on in court, and is a great man. To this day, Mr. Stanley is not only our lawyer but he is also our friend.”


Michael N., Monrovia, CA


“I have been involved with the John Stanley Law firm for over 10 years. During this relationship we have grown to know and respect. John has proven that his trial experience is excellent. Although he has represented me and my family in thankfully, only a few cases, through his confidence, he created in me the ability to relax, and his performance was tremendous. I have referred him to several other business owners that have used his talents and in every case they were extremely satisfied.  I would without a doubt, recommend him and his firm very highly. I generally do not subscribe to issuing letters of recommendation. But, with John Stanley I am proud to do so.”


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