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City and Private Jails

Private & City Jail Options - Court Approval Required

Weekend Jails

These programs require the defendant to serve his/her sentence in 2-day or 3-day increments. Time may be served on the weekends, which generally creates a reduced impact on the client’s work or family schedule. If necessary, for example for the defendant who works at the weekends or who has child care issues, private and city jails offer a variety of programs to accommodate any foreseeable event. Keep in mind, attendance of these ‘alternative’ jails, can be costly. Payment is usually required on or before entry into the program. The fees for sentenced prisoners vary according to the private or city jail of choice.

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Non Linear Sentence

City and private jails are sometimes referred to as ‘Non-Linear Sentence’ facilities because they permit jail sentences to be served in multiple parts. Clearly, clients who live out of the area, who have frequent business travel requirements, or have young children to care for benefit greatly from this option.

Work Furlough Sentence

Work Furlough programs permit the client to leave jail for work every day. This option helps everyone from 9 to 5 business people to oil-rig workers. All work schedules can usually be accommodated. Extended shifts and 7-day work weeks may also be acceptable. Keep in mind, entry into a sheriff’s ‘Work Furlough’ program usually requires either the county sheriff’s department or probation to verify employment. In addition, as with ‘private’ and ‘city’ jail programs, there may be unanticipated costs associated with Work Furlough.

Streamlined Application

With our assistance, most clients can be approved within 48 hours.

Medical Concerns

Some City Jails offer 24-hour on-site medical staff that can dispense your doctor prescribed medications. This allows them to accommodate clients with a variety of minor medical conditions, e.g., insulin for diabetics, etc.

What the Law Office of John J. Stanley can do for you

  • Assist you in getting court approval to participate in the Private or City Jail option.
  • Streamline the application process to make you eligible for a Private or City Jail program.
  • Our Office faxes and telephonically follows up on every application.
  • Assist every applicant with obtaining various medical test as required by each Private or City Jail facility.
  • Act as your personal advocate to get you assigned to the right Private or City Jail program, because eligibility requirements may vary from jail to jail and county to county.
  • Act as a Spanish speaking interpreter to facilitate your acceptance into the program best suited to your individual needs.

If you have any additional questions, or wish to make an appointment for a free consultation to determine your eligibility. Please contact John J. Stanley & Associates for your free consultation.

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